John Hurt Fisher Prize

John Gower

MS Hunter 59 T-2-17 Portrait of Gower folio 6v John Gower Vox Clamantis Glasgow Univ Library

Now Accepting Nominations

The Society's highest honor, the Fisher Prize for "significant contribution to the field of John Gower Studies" is awarded annually at the Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, MI.

How to Nominate

Send names of potential candidates and a brief statement supporting and/or explaining your nomination to:

R. F. Yeager, Univ. of West Florida
Dept. of English and Foreign Language
11000 University Pkwy, Pensacola FL 32514

2017 Selection Committee

  • President of the John Gower Society
    • R.F. Yeager, Univ. of West Florida
  • Previous Year's Prize Winner
    • Sebastian Sobecki, University of Groningen
  • Graduate Student Representative

Prior Recipients

  • 1991 Derek A. Pearsall
  • 1992 Masayoshi Ito
  • 1993 Russell A. Peck
  • 1994 Alastair Minnis
  • 1995 William Burton Wilson
  • 1996 Kurt Olsson
  • 1997 Winthrop Wetherbee
  • 1998 Siân Echard and Claire Fanger
  • 1999 Peter Nicholson
  • 2000 R.F. Yeager
  • 2001 María Bullón-Fernández
  • 2002 No Award
  • 2003 James Simpson
  • 2004 Diane Watt
  • 2005 Siân Echard
  • 2006 Russell A. Peck
  • 2007 Peter Nicholson
  • 2008 J. Allan Mitchell
  • 2009 Andy Galloway
  • 2010 Kurt Olsson
  • 2011 John Burrow
  • 2012 David R. Carlson
  • 2013 Georgiana Donavin
  • 2014 Bruce Holsinger
  • 2015 Jonathan Hsy
  • 2016 Sebastian Sobecki


"I throw my darts and shoot my arrows at the world. But where there is a righteous man, no arrow strikes. But I wound those who live wickedly. Therefore let him who recognizes himself there look to himself."
Vox Clamantis

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