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MS Hunter 59 T-2-17 Portrait of Gower folio 6v John Gower Vox Clamantis Glasgow Univ Library


Selections from Confessio Amantis

Read by Brian Gastle. Recorded by Bruce Frazier at Western Carolina University's Center for Applied Technology. Text: Peck, Russell A. Confessio Amantis. Medieval Academy of America. Toronto: U Toronto P, 1997 (1980).

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  • TEAMS Middle English Text Series - Audio Readings
    Selections include the Tale of Canace and Machaire (3.143-336), The Patience of Socrates (3.639-713), the Tale of Ulysses and Penelope (4.147-233), Tale of Rosiphelee (4.1245-1446), Alchemy (4.2435-2525), On Avarice (5.60-116), and Rhetoric, the Second Part of Philosophy (7.1507-1587).


"I throw my darts and shoot my arrows at the world. But where there is a righteous man, no arrow strikes. But I wound those who live wickedly. Therefore let him who recognizes himself there look to himself."
Vox Clamantis

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