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MS Hunter 59 T-2-17 Portrait of Gower folio 6v John Gower Vox Clamantis Glasgow Univ Library

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Libraries with Digitized Gower Manuscript (MS) Images

These libraries have digitized and made available online full pages (folios), miniatures, initials, or other images from Gower manuscripts. The following link directly to a closeup of the image/miniature (if available). The manuscript link may include full page images as well.

The British Library, London, England

  • Egerton 1991
    • f. 7v -Miniature of the Lover's Confession, of the Lover kneeling before the priest Genus.
  • Harley 3869
    • f. 5 - Dream of Nebuchadnezzar
    • f. 18 - Amans kneeling before Confessor at the beginning of Book 1 of the Confessio Amantis
  • Royal C.xxii
    • f.1 - Lover's Confession in Prologue

The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, NY

  • M.125
    • f. 3v - Amans confessing to Genius
  • M 126 - this MS contains over forty images including:
    • Amans confessing to Genius (f. 3v)
    • Dream of Nebuchadnezzar (f. 4v)
    • Amans meeting King and Queen of Love (f. 8v)
    • Amans confessing to Genius (f. 9r)
    • Trojan Horse entering Troy (f. 14v)
    • Three Questions (f. 26v)
    • Constance of Rome travelling/exile (f. 32v)
    • Nessus the Centaur taking Deianira from Hercules (f. 42r)
    • Treachery of Pope Boniface VIII (f. 46r)
    • Xanthippe pouring Water over Socrates (f. 54v)
    • Death of Pyramus and Thisbe (f. 58v)
    • Alexander the Great with Pirate (f. 65r)
    • Dido committing Suicide (f. 68r)
    • Penelope writing to Ulysses (f. 68v)
    • Vulcan capturing Mars and Venus (f. 93r)
    • Medea murdering sons (f. 108r)
    • Theseus and the Minotaur (f. 120r)
    • Tereus cutting out Tongue of Philomela & Procne deceiving Tereus (f. 122r)

Bodleian Library, Oxford, England

Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New York, NY (via Digital Scriptorium)

Huntington Library, San Marino, CA (via Digital Scriptorium)

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"I throw my darts and shoot my arrows at the world. But where there is a righteous man, no arrow strikes. But I wound those who live wickedly. Therefore let him who recognizes himself there look to himself."
Vox Clamantis

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