Original Language Editions

Confessio Amantis

  • Complete Work
    Based on Macaulay (Oxford 1901) and provided by the Online Medieval and Classical Library
  • Complete Work
    Based on Macaulay (Oxford 1899-1902) and provided by  the University of Virginia Library
  • Complete Work
    Ed. Russell A. Peck, Latin translations by Andrew Galloway (2004-2013). Provided by TEAMS Middle English Texts Series
  • Selections
    Provided by Harvard’s Geoffrey Chaucer Website. All texts adapted from Macaulay, EETS e.s. 81-82 (London, 1900-01). Includes:
    • The Prologue
    • Gower in Love (Bk I, 93-202)
    • The Tale of Constance (Bk II, 587-612) (cf. Chaucer MLT)
    • The Tale of Florent (Bk II, 1407-1882) (cf. Chaucer WBT)
    • The Tale of Canace and Machaire (Bk III, 143-359)
    • The Tale of Phoebus and the Crow (Bk III, 783-817) (cf. Chaucer MancT)
    • John Gower on Alchemy (Bk IV, 451-632)
    • The Four Humors (or Complexions) (Bk VII, 380-520)
    • Gower’s Discussion of Astronomy (Bk VII, 625-1506)
    • The Tale of Virginia (Bk VII, 5131-5306) (cf. Chaucer PhysT)
    • Venus’ Farewell and Messsage to Chaucer (Bk VIII, 2814-2970)

Vox Clamantis

In Praise of Peace

  • The Chaucerian Apocrypha. Ed. Kathleen Forni, TEAMS Middle English Texts Series, 2005 (Intro Text)
  • The Minor Latin Works with In Praise of Peace. Ed. Michael Livingston, TEAMS Middle English Texts Series, 2005 (Intro Text)

Other Latin Works

Traitié and the Cinkante Balades