International John Gower Society

The John Gower Society (JGS) is dedicated to the study of the 14th-century poet John Gower. The Society promotes and encourages this study in several ways:

  • by disseminating and supporting scholarship related to John Gower;
  • by promoting the teaching of John Gower;
  • by organizing and publicizing events related to the study and teaching of Gower’s works;
  • by publicly recognizing, through the annual John Hurt Fisher Award, “significant contributions to the field of John Gower studies.”

V International Gower Congress

2023 University of St. Andrews, Scotland



UPDATED 06/2023

2017 Gower IV Congress, Durham, England

A full session

2017 Gower IV Congress, Durham, England

Golfing Gowerians

2017 Gower IV Congress, Durham, England

Gowerians at the Gardens

2017 Gower IV Congress, Durham, England

Where do Gowerians go post-Congress? Why the Bodleian of course!

William Caxton’s 1483 edition of John Gower’s Confessio Amantis
UNC-Chapel Hill Incunabula 532.5, fol. 7r
Permission courtesy of Rare Book Collection
Wilson Special Collections Library

The Online Gower Bibliography

The John Gower Bibliography Online (JGBO) is a joint effort of the John Gower Society and The University of Texas at San Antonio Library.

The John Gower Society hosts manuscript and early book images, original scholarship, and other materials related to the study and teaching of Gower’s works and his influence.

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Publications of the John Gower Society

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UNC-CH RBC Incunabula 532.5: A Caxton Confessio

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